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   When you should go for a College Degree or a Diploma




A college degree is necessary if you wish to earn more, have more financial stability for yourself and your family, better health, more job opportunities and more community engagement.

If we look at these benefits, anyone would think that they should get a college degree and of course, we encourage college degrees. Knowledge is the key to success.

Education is becoming more expensive day by day. Usually, students go to college in hopes for a better life, but due to lack of job opportunities, the hopes are crashing too.

Colleges can prove to be expensive at most times, and you need to think of a lot of factors before applying. However, it is important to know when to go for a college degree or a diploma. This is what we will discuss here.


Financial Needs

Let’s not sugarcoat the real situation anymore; there used to be a time when it seemed like a magical transition from teen to adulthood while going from high school to college.

Now, the scenario has changed. Most graduates don’t have jobs, and each year the number of graduates are increasing, but job opportunities aren’t. A college degree means a lot of money being spent.

People who are from public schools usually pay little to no fee at school, and unless you get into a public university/college, the monetary benefit is really small.

College degree always help in getting a good job with good remuneration. This will make sure that your financial needs are taken care off.


Recognition and Social Status

Often education brings social recognition with itself. We all know that guy who got graduated from MIT.

Though it doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything on a platter but still you’ll have a great chance at climbing the ladders of success more.



One of the biggest failures of any education system is the lack of public universities in a country. Education is becoming more expensive day by day.

However you can’t beat the career growth that a college degree can bring with it. Yes, Entrepreneurship is great and would bring great money but the percentage of entrepreneur who would get successful is quite less.



If you’re in hopes for a great job, you need to know that employers choose experience over degree most of the times. So, whenever you apply, do ask yourself – what skills am I acquiring from this degree?

College degrees are of course encouraged but other than that, please know that you need to consider monetary, family, social and personal issues before choosing college as your final decision.

The only hope that we can have is if education becomes cheaper in the future because of government initiatives. However, we cannot surely assume if that will happen anytime soon.


There, we can say that college degrees are not mandatory but you surely should go for a college degree as long as it does not have a worse opportunity cost because that will not make anything better, neither for you or for your family.

Also, an advice to all prospect students is that when you are going for a college degree, make sure to have skills of all sorts, experiences of all sorts – these would prove to be more beneficial than the degree that you would hold.

As said earlier, experiences are counted much more important than the degree itself when employers look for the perfect candidate for the job.


Get A Degree Now!

Get A Degree From an Authentic and Accredited University!

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