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Top reasons to become an Accountant in this year 2017


If you’ve completed your graduation in the subject of accounts, then you can surely make an extraordinary career in the field of accountancy.

Being an accountant you also get a better salary and at the same time it is definitely a respectable profession

In this year 2017, there are several reasons to become an accountant and set your career in this field.

Everyone who are going to pursue accounting should know and understand why you should choose accounting and why it makes a great career.


Reasons to be an accountant:


The following are the most genuine reasons why you should choose to become an accountant and how this profession can change your life with its great starting salary, growth and influential status in the society.


The accountants don’t need to be a genius in mathematics – There is general misunderstanding that accountancy field is all about mathematics. But in reality, numeracy is a crucial thing for accounts. It is only one necessary skill required for the graduates who would like to become an accountant.



Work in any industry


The persons with the knowledge of accounts can definitely work in accounts department of almost any type of industry without any restrictions. From construction to non-profits, entertainment to fashion and in anywhere, you can play a role as the best accountant.



Consulting is more important.

It is more about providing advice than numerical crunching – Today, most of the experts are providing the advice and consultancy services to their clients using their experienced knowledge in this field. By this way, they will help their clients in selecting a right kind of business structure, forecasting the cash flow of the upcoming year and minimizing unnecessary tax payments.



It is definitely a nice basis for becoming an entrepreneur – With the extensive knowledge and experience in the accounts field, the accountants can surely start your own business in the finance field as an entrepreneur. As you already have experience in finance management, it is very easy to always keep your business profitable.






Accountant cheat sheet


Valuable help to the charities

When you are a qualified accountant, it is a known fact that your time is more valuable. Everyone has to love offering your time to the charities and some other good causes. It is definitely the best way to make your accounting qualification as satisfying for other people as it is for you.


Accountancy is a seasonal business

Last weeks of January, February and also March are usually being considered as the close of the financial year. This particular season is considered by the accountants as the tax season. This period is the busiest period for the accountants so you can predict your holidays for making holiday plans.


It is not necessary to have a degree


Some of the accountants have a proper degree and some don’t have it.

Having a degree is a having a certified credential to legally become an accountant.

But it’s not a must to have a degree like many other profession. You can still practice it and render your valuable advice.

If at some point you decide you need a degree you can always our services to get a verified degree suiting your experience and skills.

Get A Degree Now!

Get A Degree From an Authentic and Accredited University!

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