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What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process that gives a certain school or university the highest standard as an academic institution.  When you purchase a degree online, it is affirmed by an accrediting agency or the third party that formally accredit the school and its degrees.  The accreditation process is an assurance that an institution practices acceptable and competent methods of teaching, performs high standard of education, and delivers recognized degrees.

 Why is accreditation important when you purchase a degree online?

Accreditation is very important because this guarantees that a degree is valid, recognized, and genuine.

 Who does the accreditation?

Usually, educational accreditation is done by a government organization.  However, if you purchase a degree online, there are independent bodies that do the task of accreditation process

 If I purchase a degree online, am I assured that it is accredited?

Yes, 100%accredited, verifiable, and reliable!  They are either accredited by regional accredited agencies or international accredited agencies.

What is a degree?

Degree has a lot of meaning but in terms of education, it is an academic title bestowed to a student who has completed academic requirements from a university or college.

 What’s the difference of a university degree and a college degree?

A university degree has a wider scope than a college degree.  If you purchase a degree online, there is a difference. A college concentrates on different majors while a university is a community of different colleges.

 Are your degrees safe and reliable of I purchase a degree online?

Our company’s name speaks it all.  We are certified reliable. Being in the business since 1990, we had extended our services to different clients globally.  In 2000, we turn into an online business to cater to thousands of other clients needing our help.   If we are a scam, we are definitely out of the business today.  To prove of our legality, we offer lawyer certification and notarization when you purchase a degree online.

 What is your degree system in case I want to purchase a degree online?

We follow the standard degree system.

  • Associate Degree 60 credits 2 years program
  • Higher Diploma 60 credits 2 years program
  • Bachelor Degree 120 credits 4 years program
  • Post Bachelor Degree 30 credits 1 year program
  • Professional Diploma 30 to 60 credits depending on major 1 or 2 years program
  • Master Degree 30 to 60 credits depending on major 1 or 2 years program
  • PHD Degree 120 credits 4 years program
  • For Professorship, Honorary Professorship, and Honorary Doctorate Degrees, we do not use any credit system if you purchase a degree online because they are academic titles only.
 If I purchase a degree online, how can I verify it?

Verification method is done through writing, not email or phone only. Universities need written verification method through fax and postal mail. Your employers can also verify your degree. However, they need to have your consent. When you purchase a degree online, you should provide your date of birth, full name in the diploma, graduation date, mailing address, degree title and major, and your signature in order to process. We follow the universals verification policy which, based on the security reason, must not process anything without one of the above credentials.

What is the maximum number of degrees I can get?

You can purchase a degree online as many as you want as long as it is realistic and possible.

What international academic degrees are in store for the clients? not only offers online degrees in the local setting but also other accredited degrees from different universities worldwide. When you purchase a degree online, we can offer degrees from universities and colleges from different continents such as:

  •  Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Oceania

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