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Transcripts prove your intelligence

A degree proves you are intelligent and a person who enjoys learning.

And, in the eyes of the employer, if you can have results with top grades, which show you outdid other students in your class, this is also going to further enhance your stance as a great applicant for any job.

Transcripts are basically going to show the grades you received in all courses you took while attending school.


So if you can prove you were in the top 10 or 20% of the class, did more, worked harder, and got higher marks than other applicants, why wouldn’t an employer consider you for the position you are applying for.

Even if it is not the case, employers believe individuals who go to school and do well in classes, are the best people for the job.

So if you do not have the degree or did not go to school, you can buy college transcripts along with your degree, to prove to them you are intelligent, and can handle the duties which come along with the job you are applying to work for.

Show the courses you took

You might as well make yourself appear to be the best applicant for a position and your transcripts are one way to prove this.

When you order your transcripts, you want them to show you took the toughest classes, you were always challenging yourself, and you went above and beyond what you had to do in order to get your degree.

Should you are interested in going for Master degree take a look at these infographic.

Master degree

Source- IVY SA

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Not only do you choose the courses and degree, but you are also going to show employers you took the courses which other students avoided taking, because they were too tough.

And, not only did you take the class, you did well and were one of the top students in the classes you took while you attended school. This is going to help you stand out among the applicants who are applying for the same position, and it is a great way to show employers you are not afraid of a challenge, and are willing to do the work which others are trying to avoid, because it is a little harder in nature.

Transcripts in every field

No matter what field of study or school you choose to buy the degree from, we also sell the  college transcripts to go along with the degree.

So regardless of the employer or position you are applying for, if they want to see certain classes and certain grades in those classes, we can produce those documents, which are verifiable, so the employer can instantly see how well you did in the classes you took while attending the college.

You don’t want to be just another number when you are applying for a job; especially a high paying, prestigious position you are applying for. So why not stand out with the best grades, and the toughest classes?

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