5 Top Paying Jobs



If you care about money and owning all the kinds of luxuries in the world, there are jobs that you will like doing because they pay six digit salaries and can let you have all that you want. But note that these jobs are competitive and can cost all your time, which means no alone time, no privacy, but if you’re going to sacrifice those for monetary success, then these jobs are definitely for you. We will discuss the five top-paying jobs for you and a mini guide as to how to be there for earning more.

The top on our list is yet again Physician. The salary is around $180,000 with a job opening of 2.064. The competition for this occupation is much higher than any other jobs. To be a doctor or a surgeon, you need the correct academic background, training and residency programs. It takes a lot more to be the top in the occupation than just good grades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that it is likely to grow 14% more by 2024.

The second on the list is Lawyer. This occupation has a salary around $144,500 and a job opening of 995. You would find a lot of students studying Law. However, not everyone can do good in it. It takes patience and hard work to be at the top. If you want to be someone famous, you have to work hard and study hard because the competition is a lot tougher than we think. There are more law graduates than jobs available for them.


The third on the list is Research and Development Manager. The salary starts at $142,120 with a job opening of 112. Not everybody is a part of this particular job; it is hard to get into this occupation. The goodness of this job is that the holder of this occupation can be hired by a lot of different companies, including hospitals, engineering firms, educational institutions, etc. If you want to be in this occupation, you have to have very good research and analytic capabilities or else it would be harder to get selected.

Our fourth one is none other than Software Development Manager. This should not be shocking to anybody because of the vigorous rise of IT around the world. In the 21st century, everything is digital, and life is becoming easier. So, we need more people who can develop apps that would make life easier in the coming days. The median base salary is around $132,000, and the job opening is roughly 3,495. It is likely that the demand of Software Development Managers would likely rise in the upcoming future. To have this job, students should have a Bachelors degree in computer science and strong computer-programming skills.

Our last is Pharmacy Manager. It is quite shocking to a lot of people, but this is the fifth most top paying jobs in the world, ranging at a good $130,000. The job opening is roughly around 1,766. Not so much, is it? You can understand that the competition is intense for this job. Pharmacy Managers are managers at the pharmacy who compound and dispense medication to patients in accordance to the physician or the authorized medical practitioner. These Pharmacists much have a license to operate and a Doctor of Pharmacy. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics assumed that the employment for pharmacists would grow 3% over the ten years till 2024, slower than average jobs.

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